Maranatha Evangelical Mission was the first evangelical church to arrive in the community of Carrefour Labranle. Our mission is deeply rooted in the faith of Jesus Christ. We provide programs through the church and the school to allow children and adults alike to grow spiritually. Programs such as daily devotions, bible studies, and Christian movies are provided, free of charge at the school. In addition to our regular services at the church, our evangelism team provides prayer meetings regularly to our stations in nearby places such as Choisie, Du Boule, and Pomp la. Every summer, the community’s children are invited in Vacation Bible School and outdoor revivals are held for the adults.



Maranatha, through its founder Pastor Derisse, dug the first water well in Carrefour Labranle, allowing the community to have access to clean, potable water. On August 23rd 2018, we inaugurated Maranatha Purified Water, providing purified, bottled water to the community and surrounding areas. In light of the tremendous health care needs, resulting in the death of two of our children (one in the church and another in the school), and the deaths of other newborns, Maranatha invited health care professionals. The list of medical professionals includes doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, and nurses to come to visit and provide various medical services to assist the community to achieve optimal health as we accomplish our divine mission.



Thanks to the donations and fundraising activites of the Maranatha Evangelical Mission, Inc., the “Institution Mixte Maranatha de Carrefour Labranle” (IMMCL) was able to reopen in September 2015. Starting with 50 children in kindergarden, the school has since grown to 160 students. The school provides books, uniforms, and school supplies to the children. IMMCL is a proud participant of “Anseye pou Ayiti” a nationwide organization, designed to measure educational standards within Haiti. “Anseye pou Haiti” delivers quality education, while also providing coaching seminars for all teachers. Since there is a high school in Carrefour Labranle, Maranatha provides some of our youth members with transportation, room & board, and tuition assistance to receive education in the nearby city of Gonaives.



Carrefour Labranle is a rural area, where the residents are mainly dependent on their land and livestock for food and income. Farming is the main economic activity. Maranatha Evangelical Mission is deeply involved in the lives of its members and the surrounding communities, providing them with social and economic programs, fostering self-sufficiency and social integration through workshops, jobs in the school, clothes and shoes distribution, assistance with marriage counseling and wedding assistance, Christmas celebration, and micro credit programs for economical self-sustenance.



Through the school, Maranatha provides a hot, balanced meal daily to its students. However, due to lack of funds, the weekly church feeding program is presently placed on hold.